Iā€™m a Bioinformatics Research Engineer, helping understand Genomics data. Coming from Computational Biology research discipline I understand the complexity of biological data and responsible execution to extract insights in FAIR way.

Currently working with teams around world to develop things around what I believe the most - Democratize and Open access Research (especially in Life Science domain), Before this I was a Research Fellow at IISER, Mohali in Plant Developmental Biology lab working with Gene Regulatory Networks in Arabidopsis.


I use data science platforms as a medium to answer biological questions.

Broad areas of Research Interest

  • Genomics and Systems Biology
  • Single-cell Transcriptomics
  • Application of Deep learning in Biology
ORCID iD iconORCID - orcid.org/0000-0001-5010-9539


I write web apps/tools for data Visualization and build comprehensive workflows for the ease of Biological community around FAIR principles.

Broad areas of Interest

  • Scientific Workflows
  • Interactive applications
  • Data Visualization