Hi! I am Sangram. Thank you for taking your precious time to visit my site :)

I am currently a Junior Research Fellow (JRF) at IISER, Mohali doing project in a Plant Developmental Biology lab with the area of research on Computational Genomics and Systems Biology. I have completed my M.Sc. degree in Bioinformatics from BICPU, Pondicherry University in 2017. For more information my Linkedin Profile

Broadly area of research interest:

  • I use data science platforms (R and Python) as a tool to answer biology.
  • Use of High-Throughput Sequencing or NGS data and making sense out of it with relevant biological questions.
  • I am optimistic about single-cell RNA-Seq.
  • Passionate about complex networks and their behaviour.
  • Developing web apps/tools for Biolgical community is my current favourite task. (check the project tab)

Scientific contributions:

Contact me

I will be happy to have a chat about all the buzz on the field of AI and Tech around alongside scientific discussions. You can directly reach me on Twitter.

Or just drop an e-mail: sangramsahu15@gmail.com