Collective Snakemake workflows for easy and reproducible NGS data analysis.


Snakemake Documentation Status

Collective Snakemake workflows for easy and reproducable NGS data analysis.

Workflows may contain modified parameters, Please look at snakemake files before use.

RNA-Seq Analysis

Currct workflows

Workflows are making in progress. I will add more downstreem tools as go along. You have an workflow in mind too add! Requet it here - feature

Quick start


You need to have Python3 installed in your system with conda enabled.

Install needed tools with following command

conda env create -f environment.yml
conda activate snakeflows

Downlorad sample data to test the workflow:


1. Prepare samples directory properly

Before you run, samples directory arangement and it’s naming needs to be proper such that it can be read by the script and call furthere in snakemake files.

Something like this:

├── SET1_dummy
│   ├── SET1_dummy_R1.fastq.gz
│   └── SET1_dummy_R2.fastq.gz
└── SET3_dummy
    ├── SET3_dummy_R1.fastq.gz
    └── SET3_dummy_R2.fastq.gz

2. Generate samples.json file

This will be used to automatic detect samples names and call them in snakemake files.

python3 --fastq_dir full_path_to_samples_directory

3. Run Workflows

First Edit the config.yml files inside workflow directory with required full paths.

Then simply call snakemake from workflow directory (With additional parameters if required)

snakemake --cores 12


For checking workflow and debug

snakemake -np

Visualise the workflow

snakemake --forceall --dag | dot -Tpng | display

Upcoming additons:

  • Docker integration Docker Cloud Automated build Docker Cloud Build Status
  • Streamlined html reports
  • Log files with timestamp
  • Making it more modular with .smk files